The Funny Thing About My Third One..

September 20, 2012

As we all know I am pregnant with my 3rd child. 

I am so happy this time as we are adding up the team. Especially my husband, after Falisha it has been 3 years and he is more excited then I am. Fatini and Falisha are so excited that they told all their friend in the nursery that they are going to have a baby brother. What?? I didn't even know the sex yet. But that's what they've been telling people. May Allah hears your prayer.

is it a boy or a girl?

Me, I'm doing okay with this one. 

Actually i just found out I am pregnant again 4 weeks ago. After my announcement, i had a miscarriage during the 2 and half months pregnancy. I was told it's a blighted ovum or missed miscarriage. I still remember it was 7th June, Monday 12 pm. I went to the restroom and found out there's a spotting. I went to  change my panty liner and suddenly I can feel the blood streaming from between my leg and my skirt are all soaked up with blood. I was in the office at that time. I took my handbag and keys and drove to the nearest Family Clinic. There, they scanned and I was told it was a blighted ovum. The sac is empty. No pulse and it was only 5 weeks not 9-10 weeks as it supposed to be. I was told by the gynecology, This thing happens to unhealthy seeds or embryo. It was better that way. I was told that if the pain continue and the bleeding doesn't stop after a week I should come again so she can recommend a 'D & C' procedure, it means that there's an infection and they need to clean out the 'leftover' in my uterus. 

The bleeding stops after 3 days, but there are still spotting up to 10 days after the incident. And no pain. I assumed the abortion is complete. I went to a specialist and did the special scanning just to make sure everything is fine. And of course, it's empty. I was told it is clean and I am to wait my for my period. 

As time passed, it has been 3 months and still I didn't get my period yet.

I lost 10 kg as I was trying to lose some weight before planning the next baby. I took Herbalife sets to achieve my dream. The weird thing was, I can feel my body slim down but, why on earth is my tummy still have this annoying bulge??

It was a week before Raya that I feel something moved in my tummy. I am curious. I though that maybe it was gas. Because I have a mild gastric problem. 

The bulging tummy really annoys me. I can fit in a 2 size smaller dress than before, but the tummy still bulges. I have to wear a binder  just to make it look good. And it was so uncomfortable. I can feel the movement again and again, and a small voice whispered to me. 'Maybe you're pregnant?'

The next Monday, on my first day of work after Raya, I went to the same clinic where I went before. And the Gynecology was laughing and said, `Yeah, there's your baby. it's 5 Month and 2 Days'


I was laughing too. The gynecology was surprised as I am. we're wondering where has it been all this while? It's a miracle. And funny too. I asked the doctor to checked if the baby doing ok, and thank Allah, it's okay.

I told my husband and my sisters about this, and they were surprised too. And until now I am still grateful and thankful to Allah with all His power, I am given a 2nd chance to continue this pregnancy and have my 3rd baby.

p.s. the Gynecology suspected, it might be a twin. one made it, the other one didn't.


  1. congrat's pai.. happy for you..

  2. unexpectedly, you are the chosen one. Allah loves you by giving you this miracle thingy.*sujud syukur* Subhanallah :')btw, congrats and hoping both of you will be fine..please take a good care of your health :)

  3. it's a miracle. Congratulations dear. I just delivered my third daughter 3 months ago. So, welcome to the club. hehe


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