Black, Squid Ink Pasta?

April 15, 2013

This article is not for the weak in heart..

Even while reading the menu, I had trouble making up my mind. How would it taste? 

First time I saw it, Bobby Flay cooked it on the Food Network Channel, and I thought, it reminds me of a Goth Halloween Theme Party Food and the seafood tomato sauce they put on it looks really gory! And I can't believe they actually used the squid ink and saute it with the pasta. I saw this black one before, but I thought that maybe they used some kind of special grain or colouring like green spinach past or something. I never thought that they 'coloured' it.

So I made up my mind and what the heck? I ordered it. Oh yeah, I went to The Garden Cafe in Alamanda. The Garden Cafe has many outlets all around the country, If you wish to try it.

So there it is, the Black Squid Ink Pasta. Yeah, they really extract the dark ink from the squid and mixed it in the pasta that has been saute with garlic and olive oil. They used just one squid for the ink. 

All of you out there must be wondering, 'really Fairus? You really gonna eat that?' Well, for those who knew me and how I am very curious about new food (the one that can be eaten), the answer is, 'YES!' And the pasta is coming at me like, NOW! There's no turning back. I am nervous of trying a pasta, that is black. Yikes!!

Bismillah.. And I took my fork wrapped the pasta around it, with a little bit of the sauce, and a bite went into my mouth. I am chewing, and tasting and enjoying and thinking, and it tasted GOOD! It actually really good. So I took another bite, closing my eyes, enjoying it! It didn't taste like a what I think a squid would taste. The combination of the sauce and garlic and seafood are heavenly! Maybe the Italian created this meal with a squid ink, just for the exotic looks and even the name. (I guess)

The sauce? Oh.. it has the typical delicious Italian sauce taste with scallops, shrimp and of course SQUIDS! And with all the herbs and spice and tangy and sweet and salty taste all combine together, it makes me wanna weep over a plate of spaghetti. Black spaghetti, that might make some people horrified just by listening to it's name.

Ooh, the ending? What do you think? Did I finished it? See it for yourself. I finished it! It tasted so good I feel like ordering another plate. Well, that's embarrassing..

Yeah, if only you can eat the shrimp tail, there might not be a thing left on the plate. 

So, Black Ink Squid Pasta. I dare any of you out there to try this in The Garden Cafe. 


  1. my boys r pasta-freaks! let see if they would b willing to try this!


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