Is That A Diaper Bag?

March 21, 2013

Having a baby means a really BIG changes in our lives. To me, it effects my routine and even my handbags. I love my handbags so much! But now I find it it's annoyingly uneasy to carry a handbag and a baby bag at the same time. And the baby bag with cute blue, pink and so many cheerful colours with a typical cute designs, sometimes doesn't go with what I am wearing.


But my solution is solved, when I finally got my Storksak safely arrived at my doorstep, it's like a dream come true, problemo solved! Now I only need to carry one bag and one bag alone. The best parts are, It will still like carrying my handbag, and baby bag in one. And nobody won't know it actually a baby bag until you tell them! Muahaahahahah!! I'm sorry but I wanna look good while outing with my kids. Carrying one bag and only one stylish bag that carries all the thing I need and also what the kids need.

What is it I am talking about? Well.. it's THIS!

Ladies, I present to you..

The Storksak!

Well, does it look good or does it look good? Believe it or not it's not just a handbag. It is also a diaper bag. Comes with many range and design, Storksak is a total solution to mommies who wants to look good while carrying a diaper bag. They even have a design for daddy. Mine is Elizabeth Leather, in Grey Dove. The merchandise is from London and being brought in here by certain online boutique in Malaysia. What makes me crave more about this is, even Angelina Jolie wore it so is Brad Pitt!

The bag has lots of pockets inside an outside so you can put all the things needed in a different compartments and getting it easily. The elegant design concealed the truth and what people see is a very nice handbag.

Do you see the pockets and compartments? I am loving this so much! You can so many things in here. My purse, diapers, spare clothes, wet tissues, wipe cloth etc..

It has a pocket at both sides of the handbag, which I slip in my mobile phone, car keys and other things that I need to get in a hurry at the easiest place I can reach in time.

This bag came with a dust bag (a must), a diaper changing mat and a bottle warmer bag. I bought mine at BEBE TOTZ, they also can be reach at their Facebook and I recommend you to browse their album. There are so many things you can find there.

So, Zara.. the bag is pack. Let's go out with your sisters!

p.s. Fadzil is not around to take photo of me posing with this bag.


  1. Nice handbag but I guess it's quite pricey right?

    1. Well, i have to say yes indeed. :)

  2. Looks good and should lot of baby things. One i saw on Jennifer
    celebrity diaper bags looks somewhat similar

    1. Scarlet; yes it does fits lots of baby stuff. And the mommy can look stylish at the same time.


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