'Super Mak'

March 13, 2013

Referring to the title above, which I chose because my sisters kept calling me THAT everytime we met, on a phone call, or texting.

Wanna know how it starts?

Among us sisters, I was known as the 'MOST BRUTAL'. Why? I manage to do and handle lots of tough things alone. With my kids, and pregnant. Since Fadzil left for China everymonth, I have to do things all by myself until the day before I gave birth. It's a no biggie for me. I guess all ladies did that. Did they?

Well exactly 53 days after the birth, he left again, and I am back to our place after 40 days confinement at my mom's. I have no choice, I have to drive with a 8 years old girl, a 4 years old and a almost 2 months baby back from the airport after sending Fadzil. That moment marked the beginning of everything.

Trust me, it's no fun.

I woke at 5 a.m every morning, 30 minutes of my daily pumping session so I can stock up for Zara's milk once I started working. Woke Fatini up at 6 a.m. Put her KAFA uniform, school bags and other necessity in the car, prepare her breakfast and lunch, gave Zara and Falisha their baths and by 7 a.m everything must be ready and I started the car, put Zara in her carrier, get my other 2 kids in the car, and drives to the school. On the way, I dropped Fatini's afternoon school's stuff (more like I stopped the car and Fatini dropped her things at the nursery she stayed for the afternoon). I taught Fatini to be more independent, as her father not around. I paid the van picking up kids from school to pick her up in the afternoon, sent her and pick her up again in the evening and sent her straight home after KAFA.

Before Fadzil left, I cooked, frozen all the dish for him to bring along to China. A one month stock. Huh!

During his absent, I prefer not to go and shop for groceries. But when we ran out of, important and needed things such as fresh food, the kids milk, diapers and others I have no choice but to go to TESCO with my 3 kids. Knowing Falisha who have some issues of not listening to me, and cannot stay put for a minute plus now that I have a 2 months old baby,it shocked my mother and wonder how am I supposed to shop with them?

Amazingly, I managed. My parents and sisters tried to imagine me with the 3 of them. LOL.

Yeah last Friday, I drove with my sister at the back with my kids to my mom's house. Alhamdulillah, Zara slept all along the way. I wonder will she sleeps again if I drive alone this week?

Fatini had fever last Saturday when she's not improving I took her to the clinic on Monday. It's really a challenge for me. A hot weather, a sick kid and a kid who won't stay put even for a minute. Walking from the car to the clinic, which only 10 meters away made me feel like a kilometer away. :( And at the clinic, there were so many people. My kids are getting restless, we waited until 2 hours for our turn. Luckily Zara behaved, but Falisha kept poking and pestering her sister as usual. That makes me tired. And angry.

After we're finished at the clinic I took the kids for lunch and some groceries shopping, Zara's diapers almost finish, we need milk, bread, eggs and some other kitchen things. All this whiler Zara slept in her ZOLO. When we got back, I felt like taking a pillow and lay down for a few minutes.

I told my sisters about it, and she said. 'Memang la ko ni Super Mak.'


  1. wow....u are really 'supermak'...do it alone without any helper....hurmm..tabik spring beb!

  2. one kid, or 6 kids - we're all supermak in our own special way!!!! hang in there, dearie!!!


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