Zara Humaira (backdated post)

December 30, 2012

My due date was supposed to be on th 4th January 2013. After all the pain I've been through, i gave birth to a healthy and perfect baby girl on 27th December 2012. 5 days after Mr.Fadzil came back from China. Wow, that was closed!

She was 2.9kg, like I expected. And she looks exactly like Falisha! Minus 1/2 kg of her weight. I gave birth at my hometown, Kuala klawang, Jelebu. Why I chose to give birth in Jelebu this time? Well Hospital Putrajaya are packed with people and if I went there maybe they might kick me to another hospital while the baby's head is pushing it's way out.

She is my 3rd one. And giving birth to her is a memory I won't forget. I've been through so much, just to have her. So this is her, Zara Humaira. 

Zara, day 1.

To read more about my experience before I got her go HERE.


  1. cutenye!!! omg the 3 girls look so alike. haha... now we TOTALLY need to exchange whatever aura we have!!! 3 boys n 3 girls tu! ;)

  2. Syigim: definitely have to change the aura!
    P.s. my mom ckp, let's go to each others house and steal oeach others senduk without me or u knowing.


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