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October 31, 2012

It was last week a day before Eid Ul Adha. I took an early leave because my boss is on leave too. So Why not, relax at home (yeah, right!? what's with the cleaning and organizing.), spending some quality time with Fatini, wake up at 6 not 5am.. The thing is Fadzil still went to work that morning, and I prefer it that way.

I finished cleaning up the house, gave a final touch to the kids `baju kurung` that I sew the night before, take a shower and went to Alamanda for my appointment.

What appointment?

Well, I don't know about you guys, but I loved getting my nails done. Especially pedicure for my foot. With my belly getting bigger, it's really hard to get your toes and feet done. Manicure for my hands? Well, I just loved seeing it neatly trimmed and buffed. But my focus is mostly pedicure. Since I got pregnant, my feet, and heels are getting really dry that they started to cracked. I hate it. What's with all the dry skin that sticks to my skirt when they touch each other. I don't dare to rub my feet to Fadzil's, afraid that he might say something about it. I know, because I don't like it if he did the same thing to me.

what you will see before you stepped in.

 bigger Nail Parlour

So where did I go for to solve my problems? it's The Nail Parlour. Ever since it was opened, I am a regular customer. They just re-opened with a bigger place and more station to serve their customers.

I took Fatini along as I promised her before. After her exams, she and I can go out on a mommy and daughter day out. She chose to tag along to The Nail Parlour to get her nail done too.

The new place is huge and prettier. I loved the colour and lighting they used inside the shop. The pleasant feeling I usually had as soon as i entered that place making me smiled as soon as  I stepped in.

Most of the technician (that's what they called the girls that worked on your nail), are from Philippines. So, in some way I felt the familiar feelings that I had when we're staying in Dubai. When they saw us they will greet us and ask what can they do for you. I usually made an appointment before I go there to avoid the frustration of not able to get things done on the spot. People who knew me for so long they knew I always prepared earlier. Maybe it's the nature of a`secretary` or `personal assistant`.

Once you're there, you have to decide what YOU want to do. A regular manicure? Pedicure for your feet? Will you need a buffing for your nail? Besides that, they even have a menu for manicure, pedicure, the manly man service and other services in store. They carry spa products like Zen Spa, nail polish from Jessica besides their own line by their own name.

range of product available.

For my rough feet (that's embarrassing!) I chose a silken smoothing pedicure plus buffing. And Spa manicure for my hands. Mini regulars for Fatini. 

We started out with pedicure. Ah.. what a feeling! To have someone attend to you, pampered you. To really relax! 

they sanitized all station, and this add more comfort to us knowing you're getting a clean service.

trimming and cleaning the toes.

a bigger pedicure station.

I loved the pink seat with those big mirror. 

sink for you to sink-in your feet in a fragrant warm water. 

The Nail Parlour were featured in Berita Harian. 

a nice wallpaper isn't it?

 those familiar font and sign.

manicure station

It took me 2 hours to finished the whole thing. But it was a great experience, now that my `paws and claws` are well trimmed and shiny. I recommend you guys to come and enjoy the experience in The Nail Parlour. Besides Alamanda they too have other branches in Mid Valley, KLCC, Bukit Bintang and others which you can find in the web page.

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