Now This? I Am Totally Confused!

October 30, 2012

I just got back from Hospital Putrajaya. I had an appointment with the specialist regarding the twins I'm carrying.


After 1 Gynecologist, 2 specialist in gynecology, scanned and examined my belly, they confirmed their result. I am not carrying 2 'buns' in my oven. Get it?

I don't know what to say, I saw 2 heartbeats before. 2 babies. even 2 doctors have confirmed it. And then the gynecologist explained to me.
'Those doctors that examined you before are not specialist in gynecology. They're just GP or general practitioner. But we're specialized to do this. Only this, so what happened here as we suspected, they tend to see a shadow or reflect of the baby. Just now we found only 1 heartbeat, 1 head and 1 baby. The baby is fine, the placenta is at the topside of the uterus, but we have to observe you again to check whether the baby will move into transverse position after 6 weeks.' she smiled and said I have nothing to worry about. The baby is definitely SINGLETON.

Now that me and my husband has found out about this, frankly it's quite a relief to us. We have been thinking about it in many aspects. How to take care of 2 babies at a time, the nurseries, necessities, their needs, will I able to produce ample milk for them and many other things related to twins. Not that we're not happy to have a twins, but it's the truth that everybody will have in their minds if they were in our shoes.

I am relief too, that now I have a chance to go through a normal birth. Not cesarean as it should be, if I am having twins. (klu cesarean susah nak pantang normal)

Deep down, as a mom I do feel there is something wrong with the whole picture. Me, having twins? My instinct says I am not carrying 2 babies. 1st of all, my belly is small. Not big enough like it supposed to if  I am carrying twins. Deep down, I knew it is impossible. The party inside my belly? Well, my baby maybe kind of too active once in a while, strong kick, everything is strong.

But frankly, when it turned out to be like this, it kind of mystery. What did I really saw last week? What if, suddenly I gave birth to 2 babies instead of 1? 

p.s. I am not in the mood to have put a colourful pictures in my post today. please forgive me.


  1. ...and the plot thickens! xpe fairus, ape2 pun, this baby (or babies -mane tau kan...) is coming with so much miracle, surprises n blessings from Allah! i will just doa Alah give u guys the best, n permudahkan everything :)

  2. If I'm in your shoes, I would be confused too.

  3. menariknya pengalaman mengandung kali ni..penuh misteri! saya yang baca rasa berdebar sama. apa pun, semoga dipermudahkan semuanya. take care :)


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