Not What I Expected

October 29, 2012

I commented on Syigim's post last week and gave a hint to her about an interesting story I am about to share with her.

She, having a good sense suspected it has got to do with 'the bun in the oven' as she said. Well Syigim, you're RIGHT!

It happened last Tuesday when I went to the pregnancy monthly check-up in the clinic. It went alright all the way until the moment I stepped in the Doctor's room. Oh, it's a different doctor. I was told the usual doctor went for a course and she is replacing the other doctor's place for that week. Ok, no problem to me. I was scheduled for a scanning that day. As usual, I lay down on the bed for the session, the size of my belly is ok, she said. And now she did the scanning. I wanted to know the baby's sex since I found out I am pregnant during 5 months. But, my focus are more to the baby's health and well-being. So the baby's sex was put aside.

She started scanning the baby, everything looks fine, the growth and everything. Until I was told that the placenta is sitting below the baby exactly at the bottom. I was told it is, placenta praevia type IV. And the baby is breech. Ok, I breath slowly and `istighfar` after the news was told.

I asked the doctor if she can see the baby's sex, as I really wanted to know the sex. Ok, she said, no problem. Again she scanned, moving around my belly and her face showing a sign of worry, I don't know. She said, 'I'm trying to find her feet, so that we can see her sex, but I am so confused now. I found a placenta just at the top. It's ok, I'll try again.' And finally, she found her feet at the right side of my waist, and it's a GIRL!

The curious doctor wanted to satisfy her curiosity. As she scanned my belly, we had chat. She asked me why I came in at 5 months for the pregnancy check-up and everything. I told her everything and about how twins runs in my family and Fadzil's family. She said, 'I think I found 2 heartbeats and 2 baby's heads.' I said, 'WHAT?!' That cannot be! I am pregnant with one baby as we checked previously. She said, 'I'll get the nurse and a fetal doppler. While waiting for the nurse to come, she scanned again. This time I can see clearly, the second baby's head, the body but not the femur or legs. It's position is transverse, but I cannot see the sex. It is smaller than the other one. It's on the left-side of my belly. And she scanned the 1st baby again. The breech one, it is bigger than the other one. Once the nurse came in, and I hear 2 heartbeats on the different sides of my belly, it is confirm I am having TWINS! No wonder I felt like there's a party inside my belly everytime it moves!

I was told I am having an unidentical twins, as the baby have 2 separates placentas. The doctor refers me to the specialist in Hospital Putrajaya for further antenatal check-up just to make sure me and the babies is fine. 

From the clinic record, the babies are doing fine. Both are 1.444kg and 1.281kg at 29 weeks of pregnancy. I am so worried. I can't eat much, I even lost 2 kg of my weight, the day I went in for the check-up that day. Will my baby get enough nutrient? I never skipped my supplement, eat nutritious food. I hate rice. I makes me want to throw up, even thinking about it. But still I consume it, for the sake of my babies.

Right until now while writing this, I am still trying to absorb the reality and the great news of having twins. I'll update more about it, soon after my check-up with the specialist.


  1. wah... gud news pai.. take care dear.. harap lagi seorang tu, baby boy!!..

    1. Seri : insyallah.. harapnya boy. But mostly, aku berdoa, baby sihat cukup sifat, cukup berat, dan selamat semuanya nnt.

  2. Seri : insyallah.. harapnya boy. But mostly, aku berdoa, baby sihat cukup sifat, cukup berat, dan selamat semuanya nnt.

  3. ya Allah fairussssss!!!!! so berdebar2 baca! i'm so happy for u!!! TWINS!!!! so u dont know yet whether both r girls or boy n girl kan??? eeeeeee xcitednye!!!

    ok, most importantly all is well...xpe xlarat makan nasi for now..byk lagi healthy food for baby :) take care dear!

    1. Syigim.. berdebar eh? Ingat ape lah tadi eh?

      i lagilah tergezut! Still can't believe it until now. I belasah benda lain yg nutritious utk baby. Cuma skrg ni nak meneydiakan mental dan fizikal nak menyambut baby twins. plus another trip of shopping for another baby..


  4. Replies
    1. tulah kak..

      thanks a lot! :) kitaorg ni x tau nak ckp ape.. tergezut.. happy semua ada.. nak prepare mental dan fizikal utk sambut twins.. preparation pun kena double.


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