New Addition to The Basir's Clan

October 16, 2012

I've waited for more than 5 years and finally I am a 'Mak Long'!

Guess what, my sister who got married last year just gave birth to a cute but petite baby boy. Who looked exactly like Tini or Falisha when they were born. He's a fair skinned with rosy cheek baby. The name? He is named Alman Hafiz, by the parents. It's different when you're holding other people's baby. This my own nephew! My sister's babe and our DNA matched. I totally liking it. 

And the heavenly feeling when you're holding that tiny faced baby in your arms, it makes you want to kiss them, again and again and again. Since I need a practice with my time coming in early January, I do need a practice anyway. What with the swaddling and cradling and bathing the tiny baby. It sounds really fussy, but I enjoy that moment. Especially when we first breastfeed them (not that I breastfeed my nephew)

My parents are the happiest, they got a grandchild 3 years after Falisha and will have another one early January next year, and most probably another one in June or July next year.

This is him, my new nephew. Alman Hafiz. I'd like to congratulate my sister Siti Hajar and her husband Hamizul Anuar. Take care guys!


  1. comel!! congrats MAK LONG! hihi...on khairul's side, i am maklong too... :) surely mak long is gonna do a black n white photograph sessions with baby alman hafiz..


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