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March 3, 2009

Well.. since I just wrote about confinement tips and many other things.. I think I'll write about the new stroller and baby carrier we bought for the new member of the club. We've been a fan of Quinny since long ago before we moved to Dubai.

Quinny Zapp when opened
Of course it's cool. So almost 3 years ago, we bought the Quinny Zap for our 1st born on her birthday. We got a realyy good price for it as during that time it Dubai Shopping Festival 2006. And my hubby just got a big fat yearly bonus. He always dreamt of buying it for Tini. So we got it, and way cheaper than the usual price.

Quinny Zapp when folded

The coolest things are, it is light and easily folded and to open. Plus, when you folded the stroller, it turned out to be so small! Just like in the picture above.

Maxi-Cosi Baby Carrier

Well, since I am having the 2nd one now, iI still can use it for the new born. We got a Maxi-Cosi Baby Carrier to be used with the Zapp. It will look like in the picture below once we attached it. Definitely that's not the one I bought, since I am so lazy, I didn't take any photos but just search for the similar thing on the web.
Maxi Cosi attached to Quinny Zapp
Maxi Cosi attached to Quinny Buzz
4 Wheel Quinny Buzz
The recent Dubai Shopping Festival 2009, we bought another one. A bigger one with 4 wheels called Quinny Buzz. It's big and conveniant. So while the baby is not around Tini is using it, as the seat can be adjust into a few positions. If we attach the Maxi Cosi it will look like above picture with black Maxi Cosi.


  1. cantik plak Maxi Cosi attached to Quinny Zapp tu...berkenan plak aku...2 dlm satu plak tu...
    tp aku tak beli stroller...hubby aku kate susah pakai stroller ni..aku just beli baby carrier tak tau ler mase akan la...bile baby dah besar, dah tak larat nak bawak lg...maybe aku kene beli gak kot...hehehe...

  2. YANA: Aku ni, sebb masa tu offer je yana. Tu yang beli. Impian sejak dahulukala pun ye gak. sebb jadi full time mom ni, carrier kena ada, sebab nak drive kan, stroller nk kena ade gak, sebab klu dukung jer, penat anak plak nanti.. (yg sebenarnyer, mak die yg penat nanti.. hehehe..) lagipun aku banyak berurusan sendiri nanti, so kena la ade stroller. ngan kakak dia lagi aku nk usung kang.. jenuh!

  3. Nak jual x buzz biru ru 0107928585


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