December 16, 2010

I've been home in a Malaysia for quite sometimes. First of all I would to apologize to all my friends, for not into updating my blog. I've been super duper busy and super duper lazy to get and turn on my laptop. I even want to apologize for not visiting you guys.

Anyway, it's been 3 weeks since I start my job. Where? Yeah, they send me to Economic Planning Unit in Prime Minister's Department, in Social Services Section. But before that I was 'pending' for 2 weeks in their library, which I filled my time with reading. (duhhh...!)

Now my 4th day in the new place where I am assigned. New place, new boss.I thanked Allah, for all of this. It's been quite and easy start for people like me that haven't been working for almost 5 years. 

Frankly I'm gonna missed my time in the past 4 years. I am missing my Dubai friends, (you know who you are..)

My routine has changed. No more lazy morning coffee, and then the house chores. I have to wake up very early every morning, leave the house at 6.45 a.m. Drop Falisha at the nursery and drive for 30 minutes to Putrajaya. 

Yes, Falisha. She stayed at the nursery which was the most 'horrifying' time for me and her. As some of you know, she never been away from me for quite a long a time at the time. She done well, the first day, but not the next day and so on. She figured out that, every morning I will drive to the nursery to drop her. She will start crying as I start carrying her to the car. The thing is, the nanny said she wasn't crying after I left. But she loved to follow the nannies around. And when I came in the evening to pick her up, she would suddenly cry as soon as she sensed that I've arrived to pick her up.

Then there goes the cooking routine. I cook and throw whatever I can grab. I got home at 6, and of course Falisha would like her dose of feeding which I have to give to her or I will suffer a swollen breast and she starts crying and screaming. No more heavenly meals like it used to be. Just simple 30 minutes meal. 

I really regret not updating this and blog hopping regularly. Really am. But, I will after this.

Missed you guys a lot!


  1. salam friend....are back...good luck at new place.

  2. yatie chomeyl: thank u. :)

    lina: thanks, really need it.

    p.s. dah dekat dah, bole la get together anytime, ye tak?

  3. mula2 mmgla nk tune blik tu...pasni okla

  4. welcome back to the blog wagon, sis. missing your potpets very very very much. looking forward to postings on your cookings (knowing u, 30mins meal pun confirm sedap gile n nmapk cantik) on your girls, & any makan2 adventure around msia :)

  5. welcome back. I have been wondering about you.

  6. welcome back dear...miss u guys too...siannya about tini sekolah kat mana?

  7. salam.. azma pun start keje 3/1 ni ..terasa sedy nak hantar luqman ke nursery

  8. hye sis..

    owh u already back for good ek:) welcome back and gudluck in ur new place!! jgn lupe update blog ek akak..hehehe


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