The Best Cendol Ever!

January 10, 2011

Fuh, how long since I last wrote? And suddenly I'm writing about cendol after quite sometimes. To those who knew me, they knew I am a fan of cendol for as long as I can remember. So I wanna share a favourite spot where we all had our cendol for a very long time since I was little (maybe long before I was born)

I couldn't really remember for how long they had been in business. They were there for as long as I can remember. When I was little, we used to eat the cendol right away on the bench they provided next to their stall. Who? Oh the nice mamak guy and his sons. His a muslim Indian, and sells cendol for a living. Man! The cendol  is so GOOOOODD!!!!!!! I never had any cendol as good as this guy's cendol. Everytime we went back to my mother's hometown in Kanchong Darat, Banting, eating cendol on the way back is a must! And we do tapau a few packs after that.

Oh, yeah. What is cendol?

Cendol is a traditional dessert originating from South East Asia which is still popular in Indonesia, Malaysia, Sinagpore, Vietnam, Philippines and Vietnam.

It's a green worm-like jelly that is made of rice flour and moong bean flour. The base is coconut milk and palm (or brown sugar). Some people improvise it by adding glutinuos rice, grass jelly, red bead, tapioca pearl or sago.

look at that tapioca pearl, so inviting, along with the thin, soft yummy green cendol.
and the classic, chinese rice porcelain bowl, is among the thing that made it special.

The most unique thing about cendol Banting (that's what everybody called it), is the sentimental things that made you close your eyes and remembering your childhood and how our grandparents lives in their younger lifetimes. The cendol is served in an old porcelain chinese rice bowl. Which what made it so unique (to me). 
But it's not only the bowl, the cendol itself is a winner. The coconut base with brown palm sugar, not too sweet not even tasteless. And the cendol, it has different taste and texture which cannot be found in other kedai cendol. I've been to many places, and tasted so many kinds of cendol, and this is incomparable! I will recognized the taste anywhere, anytime. Besides the green worm-like cendol, they put in a pink tapioca pearl and red bean. Which are teh best combination ever. The pink tapioca pearl is like a trade-mark of their cendol.

 i'm eating, i'm not gonna look!

the mee rojak that is taste as good as the cendol. and delicious combination, to go. 

tasted so GOOD he won't even look.

And now after more than 30 years, they're doing better and better. Instead of the classical wooden bench, with small stall, they now have a small simple shop at the end of the building near to their old place. And instead of cendol  alone, they had a small rojak stall next to it as an option or combination to the cendol. Well, if you're just like me, I would definitely eat the rojak along with the cendol as the drink.

Where to find it?

If you're from the KLIA direction, you will find a signboard to BANTING. Just go straight following the sign, and after you crossed the bridge crossing the big river, you will reach the town. Drive straight ahead until you see a traffic light, and make a u turn after the traffic light, NOT at the traffic light. After that, drive straight ahead slowly, keeping your eyes on the left, for a small warung at the end of a building with the blue signboard with yellow font, written *RESTORAN CENDOL IBRAHIM BANTING*.By the time you reach this warung, you will see a KFC restaurant on your right hand side, just opposite the building of the warung. As soon as you see the shop sign, make a right turn and park anywhere near the shop.

The shop starts operates at noon until late evening (as long as there's cendol to sell). But I suggest that if you're going on weekends, make it around 3 to 4 o'clock the lastest, or you're gonna missed it.

 people waiting for their cendol, eat in, or take away.

look for this after u-turn. it should be on your left.  

more people are coming in.

So why wait, whoever staying in Putrajaya, Bandar Baru Salak Tinggi, or anywhere, it's just a few minutes drive (okay, I lied. It's more than a few minutes) Come on over and get the taste that you'll never forget.


  1. sedapnya cendol tue...terasa sehingga ke anak tekak

  2. sahromnasrudin: hi, thanks drop by! Memang terasa sedap kan? baru tgk gamba, u should go and try, it's highly recommended! :)

  3. wah rs nk cuba la kak.:)rindu dh lm tak baca blog skng akak kt mn?

  4. ien: akak kat JPM, EPU... tulah akak pun dah lama x update blog sebenarnye.. hehehe..

  5. hi! lama juga tak baca posting u.. terlioq plak nak makan cendol..hua.. cendol mmg the best!

  6. dap nyer pai..telan air liur aku...
    kat uniten pun sedap gak tp gerai la..mee rojak die pun sedap..(acai tau..die yg introduce kat aku)

  7. mila: itulah... sejak start keje ni, bz je manjang..! :) balik keje dah dekat magrib, bedebak-bedebuk.. anak2 tido kite menyiapkan utk esoknye.. xpe lepas ni i rajin2 post ye.. :)

    yana: bile2 kite g sana, kite review kat blog eh?

  8. salam fairus - Bila free nnt nak pi kat banting cari ini cendol... :)

  9. excellent review! love the way you sew your words together! mmg membuatkan nk try sgt cendol ni. khairul pun hantu cendol :P

    betul la jarang nmpak cendol bubuh dlm porcelain bowl mcm ni. nice touch :)

  10. amboi bestnye die makan2 kat malaya tueeeee...jealous tau...

  11. lina: jom kite set masa.. i anytime je.. ! hiihhi..

    syigim: thanks, i never knew that khairul is 'hantu' too..! anyway, nnt u balik, kite p makan cendol banting kay.

    qistina: kak moi, ehem..ehem.. the best thing bile balik malaya...

  12. nak tanya? restoran kfc bandar baru salak tinggi berdekatan dengan bangunan apa yer? kalau drive dr putrajaya nak kesana agak2 berapa minit?

  13. anonymous : dear, KFC bandar Baru Salak Tinggi. If you're familiar kat bandar baru, dia dekat sebelah showroom Perodua. Deret bangunan rumah kedai, sederet dengan BSN, Maybank.

  14. cendol banting memang besttt...


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