Diva vs Lawyers

January 11, 2011

Since I started working like a month ago, I don't have that much time to watch TV. All the soap operas, drama that I used to loved to watch before (during my non-working time), is all forgotten. Because I have to catch up on so many things, from preparing dinner (now that's settle when I cooked the whole dinner and lunch stock and keep it frozen), to feeding the kids, bath them, tuck them, do the laundry, clean the house, and getting ready the kids' things, my things, hubby's things for tomorrow.

Only on Tuesday.

There's one drama that I won't missed for the world. I've been watching the 1st season way back when I was in Dubai. Which is the same time as America's time they put on on air. What? Oh? I watched DROP DEAD DIVA. Ever heard of it? Yeah me too!  Back in Dubai, there were so many dramas that is so awesome that you don't wanna missed it. When I discovered that we have to fly home PERMANENTLY.. I almost cry. Really, I do. 


There's no DROP DEAD DIVA in Malaysia. That's why! No GLEE.. (another drama that made me go CUCKOO), so how am I to cope with the not watching THEM??? I am going to missed SHOWSERIES on SHOWTIME.
After 2 months in Malaysia, I saw this commercial on TV (Thanks to Mr.Fadzil for subscribing ASTRO BEYOND), AXN Beyond (which available for ASTRO BEYOND subscribers only). It's Brooke Elliot in DROP DEAD DIVA! OMG, they had it all along, and they just finished season 1, and what I saw was the repetition of season 1 right where I missed back in Dubai. Believe it or not I was so happy that I was screaming (a bit), laughing and smiling alone!
This repeat show was on air every Thursday, and I watched it every week until the season finale episode. Which made sigh at the happy and full of questions ending of the episode. But not for long, my smile grew even broader as they put on the promo for DROP DEAD DIVA season 2 that will be air in 2 weeks on Tuesday! So that's how it happened. My routine every Tuesday.

What it's all about?

Well, let make it short. Drop Dead Diva is a legal-comedy/fantasy drama that revolves around Deb (played by Brooke D'Orsay in pilot episode and flashback) a blonde vapid and aspiring model who died in a car accident, and when her soul reaches the gate of Heaven, there's a slight of a mixed up. The gatekeeper Fred (Ben Feldman), declared that she's a self centered 'zero' as she performed no good deeds or bad deeds when she was alive. That's where things goes wrong. She pressed a reset button hoping to go back to earth, but end up a recently deceased Jane Bingum (Brooke Elliot). An intelligent and overweight lawyer.
So now, she have to go through a new life, identity and a new wardrobe (of course when they put you back to earth in a body of size 16). But in this way, she became the new Jane and learned of the inner beauty instead of the outside, while try to reconnect with Deb's ex boyfriend Grayson (Jackson Hurst) who just started in the same law firm as Jane.
The only person that knew of her secret is her life long mortal friend Stacy (April Bowlby) and her guardian angle Fred.
What I really loved about this Jane, is the way she dressed, her make up, her intelligent and the way she spoke. All the vocabs and Prada talks made me more confident and feeling beautiful from the inside. As Jane is an overweight lawyer, smart and beautiful because she knows how to dress and look appropriate (suitable make up and dress as woman of her size).

The appearance of many stars like Paula Abdul and Liza Minelli as a guest stars made the drama juicier to watch too.

VS lawyers.

Well, FYI on Tuesday, AXN Beyond on Astro had slot of Super Duper-licious Tuesday. Starting from 8 to 11 pm. Starts with Marriage Ref at 8pm and then MY Drop Dead Diva at 9pm and the last one The Defenders at 10pm.
Well, after my slot of Drop Dead Diva (which mr.Fadzil will definitely joined because he cannot resist to watch too), usually Mr.Fadzil takes over the remote and TV for his show. THE DEFENDERS, is a legal comedy drama, sets in Las Vegas, Nevada (reminding me of CSI) and revolves around a pair of defense attorney, Pete Kaczmarek (Jerry O'Connel) a free-wheeling playboy lawyer and Nick Morelli (James Belushi) Pete's partner and very passionate about his job and his client. They go out and about helping people around them while trying to put their personal lives in order.

That is Mr Fadzil's slot, which I don't really watch (maybe a peek while doing the dishes). That's how our Tuesdays nights goes on. It's like a routine that you won't want to missed. exchanging seats and remotes after one show an another is like a usual transmission since I started to work and trying to catch up with my personal lives and some ME time.
So thinking about watching this? Go to channel 720, AXN Beyond Tuesday night from 9 to 11 pm. That's tonight!


  1. sy ada tengok iklan drop dead diva ni kat astro..tengok iklan pun dah tpikat..sekali tengok available kat astro beyondje..ohh..kuciwa..sama gak cm the walking dead..kat beyond je..aduyai..bila la nk subscribe beyond ni.

  2. tulah, agak frustarting to non beyond subscriber.. sabar ye...

  3. samalah kita..sangat suka drop dead diva tu..kat sini blm start S2, bayang pun takde..asyik repeat S1 lagi..

  4. lin: mmg x bole missed kan? addicted. brooke elliot tu mmg cun, eventhough die overweight.

  5. dah lama tak tgk tv ..kat ghumah baru ni semua tv tak dpt.. kena tgu astro beyond lagi 3 miggu. rumah fairus kat mana?

  6. azma: rumah kat salak tinggi. azma kat mana? bile jom jumpe. ni emel: paij188@gmail.com

    nnt emel no hp yek?

  7. welcome back..dh lama cuti mesti lain bila dah keje balik

  8. Best citer ni..
    Baru tengok berapa episod..
    Tapi season 2
    Tak sempat tgk season 1..

    Menarik kan?


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