Bangi's Little White Cafe

February 10, 2011

To all English style deco fans,

I recommend you to come to this place.

To all healthy eating, English style food, cakes and pastry fan,

You too, have to come here!

I've read a few comments and review about how people describe this place and the food. Some are positive and not to forget the negative comments too.

What I think about it?

Well from the intro above I bet you guys can tell which group I am, didn't you? Well I am a fan of healthy eating and English or Western food lovers. Please don't get me wrong, I loved Nasi Lemak and Rendang Ayam, but since we've been staying Dubai For almost 5 years, I had a wake up call about how important it is to eat healthy. Since in Malaysia, it's quite hard to find some of the regular ingredients which can easily be found in Dubai, the food in this cafe is like a Mana from heaven.

About the cafe,

At the first sight of the entrance, you would sigh at the home-like deco and the signs. (which i forgot the photo, will upload later). A blue and white concept of deco with those white picket fence at the porch. With window glasses, and displaying pastries and cakes on the right window. As soon as the white french doors opened for you, you will again sigh at the interiors of the cafe. So homely and romantic!

the owner and look at the settings. the glassy section is the kitchen. 

 I love this one

birthday girl. and do you see the glass display of the desserts?

Yana and Acai. Love thos wall behind them.

How we end up here? It started with one of my close friend. We were planning a birthday celebration (belated) for the other close friend of ours. Being all stressed out, for the where about for us to go and celebrate, she came up with an idea. She always passed by this cafe at Bangi. At the block of  new shop lots just behind the Warta Bangi, near the Mosque. It looks so inviting and cute! So we googled, and we found a few blog that blogs about it.
you can read it here   and here

So we finally decided, we wanna try this cafe and here we are.

The well mannered waiters and waitress, add up to the cozy ambiance. You will see the all white settings with matching furnitures and fixtures. They even had photos, beautiful photos hanging up on one side of the wall. Here come the good parts. The menu! It's a pretty in black, and it's handwritten. All of it! The menus, they're all mouth watering. But the sad part is, they don't have as much as they should (or we expected).
The cafe's not too big or too small which can fit around 20 to 25 people at a time. On the right side of the cafe, there's a white bar where they prepared all the delicious drinks with a glass display of all the cakes and pastries. Behind the bar there's a blackboard on the wall and almost all of their menus are written on the board. The handwritten   writings gives the most personal touch to this cafe. At the far end corner of the cafe you can almost see the chefs in the kitchen through the glass wall that separates the area.

The owner a nice Malay Lady which I forgot her name, attend to us and recommend us whats and whats to eat and drink. She even took her time to briefly explain each menu. 


love the cranberry cooler 

baked potatoes and sausage 

 My roast-beef sandwich. Still dream about it.. 

the counter or bar or something.. 

chocolate surprises 

that wall is lovely isn't it? 

balik time!

In the end, we ordered chef's salad, roast beef sandwich (my favourite!), baked potatoes and sausages.

To me, I'm always a fan! So I don't have any problem adapting to this kind of meal. We loved it! 

Now for the dessert, we do had trouble choosing. Of course everything looks yummy and we want to eat it all! But we had, a Chocolate Surprise (which their first time serving it in the cafe, and dying to know what do we think about it), I had Lemon Tart, and Yana had Carrot Cake. Frankly, it is better, wayyyy.. better than Secret recipe's carrot cake or other cakes.

After the meal, I had a chat with one of the waiter that seems interested with me holding my camera. And I found out they just recently opened about 2 weeks (at that time). Which make it a month at this moment as I am writing about it.

As we're leaving, I promised myself I will come here again, while waving at the friendly hostess of the cafe.


  1. 1) ur roast beef lookd very presentable for a simple cafe. mcm kat hotel pulak. a plus!

    2) it's BETTER than secret recipe??? now that's a big compliment, coz to me secret recipe is THE cake place. ok ok.....must try ni!

    miss u verrrrrrrry much fairus, so keep on updating ur blog k! esp about ur girls :)

  2. salam fairus - cake SS mmg kurang sedap...will try go to this cafe once we go to bangi...yeah...Thanks nice sharing.

  3. Must check out this place one day. Feel like want to meet u my dear. Where are you staying now?

  4. syigim: i missed u and the boys too! hiba pulak hati I tgk kazim dah besar, and sepesen je muke ngan abag2 die dah..

    surprisingly, the owner hirea hotel level chefs. now wonder the food are heavenly.

    i will do syigim, just that my hectic schedule is getting more hectic than the last. but i will keep updating dear..

    salam.. totally kan? to me la.. there are certain items yg sedap kat SS tu but prefer this cafe's carrot cakes la.. sedap! and all home cooked style.

    transformed housewife: kak nor, u should. I do want to meet u (since dahbalaik malaysia ni kan?) I'm staying in salak Tinggi now. maybe we can go somewhere to meet up.

  5. nice place to hang out :D

  6. desain interiornya menarik dan kreatif. bisa menjadi inspirasi bagi saya dan kita semua.
    makanan yang lezat membuat suasana tambah menyenangkan

  7. join the community

  8. bila kita boley p sini dik non! ahaksss <3<3

  9. Check it out Restoran Rosmurni@Putra Permai for more pic. Another English Feel Deco restaurant nearby with much cheaper price. You can get a set of Rice+Ikan Bakar at just RM5

  10. halu...saya dah g sini...best2!!

  11. try their red velvet cake...the best ever!


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