March 7, 2011

I am fed up with my stained Satin Jazzy Hobo COACH!

Because it;s COACH and Satin, I am reluctant to give it a try on washing my self. As I referred to my friend Cat Yong from Bag Hauz, it has to be sent to the boutique for spa or cleaning. Or DIY at home by using a delicate wash. But using a delicate wash doesn't remove not even an inch of the stain. It looks like a 'beg buruk' already. Because it's beige satin and you know how soft colour like that can easily get stained if you're not careful (like me).

this is how mine looked like. and I'm adding more!

But I had it! 

I have to do it, because I couldn't afford to go to COACH boutique in KL just to drop it to get it clean, and when the times come to pick it up, I don't know when am I going to pick up the bag? I hate driving in KL, I won't even bother going into KL if I have to do it alone.

And then I knew what I have to do. I saw a bottle of Vanish liquid ( the pink bottle sort of like bleach like thingy but oxygen based, and safe for colour). I got an idea. I pour it in a pail with a scoop of powder detergent. I soak in the water just enough for my bag, and there you go Jazzy Hobo! Have a dip!

After 30 minutes, I took it out, using a soft bristle toothbrush (old toothbrush), I brush the bag gently but making it all over the bag. I rinse it gently but thoroughly, and let it air dry until the water from the bag is drained out and the bag is damp.

The first thing in the morning when I saw the first ray of morning light, I took the bag out and let it dry under the morning sun, as the it's harmless for us. So I assumed, it's ok for the bag as it won't damaged the texture and colour.

After one hour, I took it in and finally the moment of truth. I looked at the bag and looked all brand new all over again! It's clean, shinier and smells good too! Well there you go, I done it again! it works and the bag is safe.I saved my time and most improtantly MONEY! :))



  1. i should try that coach dah tak nampak rupa dah aiyarkkk

  2. nasib baik leh hilang..kalo x kene beli baru ler nampaknyer..hehehe..

  3. yatie: kann?? bile pakai yg kaler cerah2 ni mmg itulah risikonye, especially ME dgn 2 kiddies. payah. but alhamdulillah, vanish didn't effect a thing on my coach. except the good ones. but i recommend u test kat small places dulu ye.. :)

    mama dhia: nak beli baru tu yg jenuh, berbulan2 la aku kena kumpul duit nak beli.. :(( nasib bersih.

  4. mmg boleh hantar kat kedai tu itself to be cleaned ye? kena bayar ke, or free since its their product? psl my burberry pun mcm dah kusam huhu biase la org2 yg xfeminin like me ni tiba2 nk pakai handbag mcm ni! :P

  5. syigim: yess, to be cleaned. for an amount of fees lah.. (mana ade benda free kan?) :))

    your's is leather kan? macam coach, for leather they have a leather cleaner. try and check if burberry has one so that, u just buy the cleaner, instead of sending it. (unless u need a 'spa' for tht bag). save more money when u clean it urself rather then sending it to the place.

    if not, u can find other type of leather cleaner/restore, try a small amount on the hidden side of the bag, to see if it works or not or the other way around. if it's ok, give the whole bag a real cleaning and restoration.

    good luck!

    p.s. bile balik malaya?

  6. so genius of u.... i used clorox & powder detergent for my converse bag and it turned like a new one but smell CLOROX la.. huhuhuhu...

  7. salam ziarah

    selamat dtg ke blog sy dan menjadi follwer sekali k

  8. Thanx for the good tip. My Coach handbag is exactly like the one in the photo n mine looks a bit dirty. Will try to clean it soon!


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